Every year we see new digital trends, which will lay the foundation for digital marketing next year. You need strong foundations to be able to market in the long run. So you have to use tactics that have been successful in the past and over a long period of time. Repetitive marketing is successful and the more time you spend on everything, the more successful you will be. In this article, we will look at the 2022 digital marketing trends, which are not just about fashion, but also general orientations that can greatly influence the digital marketing process.

Digital marketing developments in   the past year

In 2021, we saw many changes that have affected the digital marketing process.

  • Earlier this year, we saw a steady increase, and new audiences are joining the social network every day.
  • NFTs and cryptocurrencies continued to accelerate, sparking discussions about the future of finance.
  • Google announces it will eliminate third-party cookies by 2023, giving digital advertisers and marketers less than two years
  • Gives the opportunity to search for new channels to reach their target customers.
  •  And recently, Facebook changed its name to Meta to point out the company's ambition to embrace Metatarsi, the 3D virtual world.

Given the developments that have taken place and will definitely affect this year, 2022. In order not to fall behind in the digital marketing process of the previous year and digest it, we must analyze the new digital marketing techniques in 2022.

Digital marketing is always evolving, but 2022 is likely to change dramatically. Businesses and brands must not only plan for the future of digital marketing, but also be prepared to use it. Here are 12 trends in 2022 digital marketing techniques, keep an eye on them and think about how you can use them to your advantage.

The growing trend of email marketing

Three features of email have contributed to the growth of email marketing: personalization, automation, and privacy.

Due to these three positive points of Email, the trend of using email marketing platforms has grown by 20% compared to the past, and this has become a reason for companies to invest in this type of marketing. The growth of email marketing has given rise to new tactics in 2022, such as dynamic and interactive email content, AMP for email, and new personalization strategies.